Pregnant Meghan Markle turns to Acupuncture

According to Vanity Fair, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is receiving regular acupuncture treatments to maintain health and wellness, and to improve overall blood flow. A long time believer in acupuncture, Meghan had received treatments for her debilitating migraines and wanted to use acupuncture to holistically maintain her body during pregnancy.

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Sitting On The Job

Does your job find you sitting most of the day? While sitting can seem restful, keep in mind that staying in any one position for long periods of time can cause strain and injury to your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Sustained sitting can take a toll on your neck and lower back – steady compression on the spinal discs hinders their nutrition and can contribute to premature degeneration.

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Think Twice Lift Once

Preventing Workplace Injury

Spine and notably low back related injury accounts for approximately 25% of workplace injury in Canada. Lifts and positions are only two common examples of preventable causes. When accidents do occur on the job, early return to work in less than 1 week is noted by approximately 70% of injured workers attending their family chiropractor. Injured workers should contact their family chiropractor immediately when hurt on the job.

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Fitness Motivators

Do you want to be more active, but have trouble getting motivated? Starting a new habit and sticking to it is difficult for many people. So many things get in the way, and your favourite comfy chair or TV program can look very attractive after a long, busy day.  But did you know that fitting in just 15 minutes of focused activity each day can start you on the way to an energized lifestyle?  Who knows where it will take you!

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Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Did you know that one in every three Canadians over age 65 will fall at least once in a year? Falls often have serious consequences such as hip, wrist and pelvic fractures that can have a lasting impact on your quality of life. Best Foot Forward is a public education program developed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association to address the issue of debilitating falls and preventing falls among older Canadians. Canada’s chiropractors are committed to reducing injury and disability from falls.

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You don’t have to be a chiropractor to know that our backbones are some of the most important bones in our bodies. They protect our spinal cord and for most people, they keep us walking straight and tall. For a person with scoliosis, however, the spine can also be the source of a number of challenges. While scoliosis is a common condition, affecting 1 in every 25 people, there is not a lot of awareness about the condition.

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