Tips For Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in not only a global health crisis but has also drastically shifted the way people go about their daily lives, including how they work. Even as economies across the globe re-open, many companies and organizations are adopting more flexible hours, providing more options to work from home, and in some cases going fully remote. This has ultimately created a “new normal” where people can now expect to work from home more than they ever did before– and they may not be prepared for it.

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Finding Time for Fitness

How do you find time for fitness when so many things are competing for your attention? It’s a common problem. The good news is that as little as 15 minutes a day can start a fitness habit – and deliver health benefits!

A recently published study conducted over a span of 12 years with almost half a million people found that 15 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise increased life expectancy. Every additional 15 minutes of exercise a day further improved the health outlook of the participants in the study.

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